• Apr 16, 17
  • RoelGeraerts
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Buy a car from CarCave and get a free track day at Zolder. During the Open Days, from the 20th until the 22nd of April, you get a free Petrolhead Thursday track day with your new car

So, let's say you buy the Dodge Viper GTS featured above. Or this Renault 5 GT Turbo. You'll get to drive it at Zolder. Sounds like fun, right? It sure is. 


We're also giving away one free track day among all the visitors during the Open Days. Come by, put your name on the list and maybe your the winner! You do need your own car for this one. 


A track day is worth 450€. You get 5 track sessions of 20 mins. These dates are available: May 4th, June 29th, August 10th, September 14th, October 12th, and November 2nd.