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1958 Volkswagen Beetle Expo - Okrasa engine

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About this car

Amazing black 1958 VW Beetle (European delivery model) with semaphores with a good looking red-brown interior that still looks very decent today. Very clean inside out. It was complete restored about 15 years ago and still in a remarkable very good condition overall. What proofs the quality of the restoration. And it was well used to visit many VW shows all over Europe.

And it has a truckload of cool accessory's. A little list:

  • real Petri 2 spoke Banjo steering wheel (back then they were already pretty expensive)
  • real pop out windows in the back
  • fender skirts (closed wheel caps)
  • flag pole on fender right front
  • curb feelers (parking system)
  • rear window blinds
  • vintage radio
  • mandatory flower vase
  • period fire extinguisher
  • NOS German roof rack ( no cheap repro)
  • sun visor
  • vent wings wind deflectors
  • bambus shelf
  • Robri fender guards set
  • beauty rings in wheels
  • Firestone white wall tires
  • topped off with some cool badges, some real, some repro's....

And as top of the bill there came a real 40 hp Okrasa engine. With double carburation. The very, very real stuff. From long before any reproduction parts for Okrasa hit the markets. And it is finished off with a Abarth exhaust. So the car drives like a blast. And it was used regularly.

So if you are looking for the original stuff don't let this car slip away. There is a lot of old original parts and accessories "on board". This is the dream!!!

If you want more information or an appointment please contact our sales team.

  • Brand: Volkswagen
  • Type: Beetle Expo - Okrasa engine
  • Engine: 4 cyl aircooled boxer - 1200 cc - 40 hp
  • Transmission: 4 speed manual gearbox
  • Mileage: 69.420 km
  • Exterior: black
  • Interior: red-brown
  • Price: 29.000 euro