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1961 Volkswagen T1 Panelvan-Kastenwagen

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About this car


Amazing "sealing wax red" 1961 VW Panelvan with renewed grey interior. Power comes from a 1600 cc engine producing 50 hp (dated 1971-73).

This splitwindow - bulli panelvan was built 04/04/1961 as a North America model with destination a dealer Baltimore-Philadelphia (USA). As a model 211 - Panel van with cargo doors at the right side and left hand drive. The original color was L53 sealing wax red. After all this years the car has still its original floorpanels. With ofcourse some surface rust but no corrosion and it was never welded. What makes it very rare to find in this condition. Several original and old oil change stickers proof that the T1 has been running in California for years. 

This "Kastenwagen" or "Bulli" is painted is a striking "Porsche service center" advertising layout. Ideal for the Porsche enthusiast- collector to put in his collection. Or for Porsche rally or race drivers to use a tire-van or catering bus. Or just to attend your local VW car show. You will get a lot of attention. 

If you are interested contact our salesteam for an appointment. So you can inspect this panelvan yourself. And confirm that it is in an amazing original condition.




  • Brand: Volkswagen
  • Type: T1 Panelvan-Kastenwagen
  • Engine: 1200 cc 4 cyl boxer air cooled
  • Transmission: 4 speed manual gearbox
  • Mileage: 15.190 miles
  • Exterior: vermillion red
  • Interior: grey
  • Price: 44.900 euro