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1981 Opel Ascona B 400 street version

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About this car

Amazing perfect and original 1981 Opel Ascona B 400 street version with correct, undamaged and original grey cloth interior. Power comes from the 2400 cc 4 in line engine attached to a 5 speed ZF dogleg manual gearbox with rear wheel drive and LSD.

The Ascona 400 was first shown at the Frankfurt Messe in September 1979. It was a homologation special sold only to make it eligible for rallying in the Group 4 category. Irmscher and Cosworth were hired as partners for this project. Cosworth to deliver a 16 valve double cam crossflow head for the engine and Irmscher for the exterior and interior styling. Opel used a 2.0E block and gave it an overbore, installed larger pistons, different connecting rods and installed the crankshaft of the 2.3 liter CIH diesel engine. The result was a 2.4 engine which gave some massive power output using the 16 valve head. The street version came with 144 hp (107kw) using Bosch fuel injection. In rally or race trim with twin dual choke Weber 48DCOE carburetors they were delivering 240 hp which could be improved further to 340 hp still using normally aspirated engine parts.

This Ascona 400 is one of the only 268 cars that were built by General Motors at the Antwerp plant to have the required numbers for the Group 4 homologation. It was originally delivered to a German customer. In 1993 it left Germany to become part of the collection of a Frenchman living in Corsica. He owned several Opel competition cars. And competed in several rallies and historic events with his son. After his son died a few months ago he sold this magnificent car. As you can see it was delivered with the original Irmscher large and widened wings, an original soft rear spoiler, front spoiler, side skirts and glassfibre bonnet. The engine is equipped with an Irmscher inlet manifold and a set of twin 48DC0E carburetors with K&N air filters. Easily producing 240 hp at the rear wheels and this with a bodyweight of only 1100 kg and a limited slip diff mounted in the rear axle. Providing you a lot of fun.

The car is also equipped with a set of 4 Hella Rallye 2000 lights, a set of 15 inch Ronal wheels wearing Michelin tyres front: 225/50-15 and at the rear 270/50-15., tinted glass, Peltor intercom, map reading lamps, bolt in security roll cage, perfect set of original sport seats with Sabelt 4 point safety harness. 

Because really only 400 were built you have normally to be very patient to find one. This is your chance. This is an unique opportunity.  Are you man enough? 

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  • Brand: Opel
  • Type: Ascona B 400 street version
  • Engine: 2400 cc - 16 valve - 240 hp
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual gearbox dogleg
  • Mileage: 27.360 km
  • Exterior: white
  • Interior: grey cloth