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2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Club Sport Manthey pack 981GT4

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About this car

As new 2016 Porsche Cayman 984 GT4 Club Sport single seater racing car. Equipped with 3.8 liter mid-engined flat-six producing 283 kw (385pk). Ths racing version of GT4 is only available with the 7 speed PDK automatic gearbox with shift paddles on the steering wheel and is solely destined for private racing drivers or teams. The suspension has been adapted from the 991 GT3 Cup. It has a weight-optimized lightweight body in intelligent aluminum-steel hybrid construction based on the Cayman GT4.

This particular Club Sport was delivered new to Lukas Motorsport with following options: 100 l safety fuel tank, central fire extinguisher system, air jacks and special racing bucket seat with six point safety harness. The original Pure White car has been wrapped in a beautiful grey and yellow colour combination. The same as the press-presentation car from Porsche. Like all racing Porsches, the racing version of the GT4 is a Porsche Motorsport product (not available from Porsche dealers). It has only run 700 km from new. 

At 1300 kg the stripped out racing version is only 40 kg lighter than the street legal version because of the full roll cage and heavier automatic PDK gearbox. Although the 18" inch wheels and tyres are much lighter than the 20"units on the street version. Porsche Motorsport engineers have been developed a thoroughbred racing car, which was designed exclusively for use on the racetrack. The result is a fast, but also optically attractive racing car that has excellent handling characteristics due to its mid-engined concept.

In addition to an anti lock braking system for racing cars, it also features an ESP system optimized for the racetrack (Porsche PSM). And it is slick tyre compatible. The biggest chance to the series model were made in the area of the axles and brakes. The front and rear axles make us of components from the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup. This can be felt particularly strong on the front axle, as the car steers precisely and gives the driver a lot of feedback. Also the 991 GT3 Cup brake system was installed without brake booster. With a Bosch ABS with 12 adjustments levels and traction control..

These modifications make this Cayman GT4 CS a true racing vehicle, which demands a great deal of its drivers and at the same time helps them master further challenges. The Cayman GT4 CS is suitable for long-range as well as sprint races.

If you are looking for the ultimate track day - race day car this is a unique opportunity for an almost brand new car.

Contact our sales team for more information and to make an appointment to inspect the car.

  • Brand: Porsche
  • Type: Cayman GT4 Club Sport Manthey pack 981GT4
  • Engine: 6 cylinder boxer engine - 3.8 - 385 hp
  • Transmission: PDK 7 speed
  • Mileage: 700 km
  • Exterior: wrapped dark grey metallic and yellow
  • Interior: black
  • Previous owners: 1
  • Price: 154.000 euro